Exams / Certificates


At the end of the course, all participants have to prove their expertise in final examinations conducted in accordance with the Regulations on Examinations that apply for this form of study:

⇒ Course: Chosen Sport

⇒ Course: Sports for the Disabled

⇒ Course: Conditioning Coach

Coaching exam

  • The candidates independently prepare a training session in the chosen sports discipline and conduct the training session with their group.
  • Sports for the Disabled: The candidates prepare a training session for handicapped athletes and conduct it with their group.
  • Conditioning Coach: A training session with specific contents for a certain target group is conducted.       

Assessment of practical performance

  • The candidates demonstrate technical/technical-tactical actions of their chosen sports discipline and are assessed on the basis of predefined criteria.
  • Sports for the Disabled: The candidates demonstrate typical variations of sports movements of disabled athletes.
  • Conditioning Coach: The candidates demonstrate sequences of movements of basic exercises in condition training and are assessed on the basis of predefined criteria.

Theory exam

  • During individual oral examinations, the candidates prove their possession of the knowledge imparted in classes.

General Science of Training and Movement (ABTW):
Oral exam

Sports Medicine:
Oral exam

Sports Didactics and  Sports Psychology:
Written exam

 ⇒ Course: Sports Management                                 

Assessment of practical assignment:
Students will be given a practical assignment in form of a project they will have to implement. In addition, students will have to write a project report and give a project presentation. A single mark will be given for the project realisation, project report and project presentation.

Oral exam:
Students will need to pass a single oral exam covering all three subjects Marketing, Finance and Governance. 

Sports Didactics and Sports Psychology:
Written exam


After passing all exams, students are awarded a diploma of Leipzig University showing the overall mark, individual marks of subject areas and the total number of lessons completed.   

Students who do not pass the required exams will receive a certificate of attendance by Leipzig University.

After the introduction to the German language there will be a written exam. Students who pass receive a German language certificate.   

Assessment criteria as well as details on the preparation and conduct of the exams are stipulated in the Examination Regulations and will be explained to all participants.

Termination of the studies 

According to the Study Regulations (§10), the course can be terminated and the participant concerned can be dismissed before the official end of the course provided that:

  • Facts exist due to which enrolment would normally have been rejected;
  • Evidence proves that the participant has included false or incomplete information in the application dossier;
  • The participant shows inappropriate behaviour or does not meet the sports-specific, physical and/or language requirements of the course;
  • The participant seriously violated the Study Regulations.

The studies can be terminated in agreement with the participant if serious personal or family issues burden the participant to such an extent that the course cannot be continued.

PLEASE NOTE: In case of termination of the course without valid reason the concerned participant may have to pay all or part of the costs for his studies. This decision will be taken in compliance with the Foreign Office of Germany.