In order to promote sports in developing countries according to the DAC list of the OECD, the Sports Science Faculty of Leipzig University organizes two postgraduate courses as "international further qualification courses for coaches and physical education teachers" that are part of the Foreign Cultural Relations and Education Policy of the German Foreign Office. These courses take place twice every year with a duration of 5 months and are offered in four alternating sports disciplines/specializations and in four different languages.

This postgraduate study course is offered to qualified (male and female) coaches and physical education teachers from developing countries. They receive the opportunity to update their knowledge in sports science, to perfect their practical and methodical abilities in the sports discipline of their specialization, in sports for the disabled or as conditioning coaches and to increase their know-how in sports management.

Based on the study regulations for this course the study program includes basic knowledge and additional findings in the theory and methodology of the chosen sports discipline. For the participants' future work as coaches and PE teachers important aspects of the general science of training and of sports medicine, selected topics from sports pedagogy and sports psychology, an introduction to strength training, to sports management and to German language are included.

The contents of this study program also apply for

  • The specialization "Sports for the disabled" and are adapted to the specific requirements of training and competitions in disabled sports,
  • The specialization "Conditioning Coach" and are adapted to the specific requirements of conditioning and fitness training for the development of athletic performances,
  • The specialization "Sports Management" and are adapted to the competences required for the promotion of sports development in the participants' home countries.



This postgraduate study course will provide participants with profound and science-based knowledge as well as competences in the methodology of sports training. This will enable participants

  • to work as physical education teachers and coaches with greater efficiency;
  • to train athletes and teams appropriately to their age in the selected sports discipline or - as a conditional coach - to take care of their mental and physical preparation;
  • to apply the acquired and in-depth knowledge as well as their methodical competences in practical sports training under different conditions;
  • to analyse development tendencies in their selected sports discipline and to take this into consideration when planning their own training process;
  • (after completing the course Sports for the disabled) to apply specific knowledge about disabilities, appropriate exercises and training methods as well as special forms of organization in regular sports activities with disabled people;
  •  (after completing the course Sports for the disabled) to choose appropriate and more effective training measures for the preparation of disabled athletes for national and international competitions, in particular also for Paralympic Games and World Championships;
  • to act as multipliers in the selected sports discipline, e.g. by organizing training and further education courses for sports coaches and instructors in their home country;
  • (after completing the course Sports Management) to promote further development of sports structures and acquisition of new target groups in the field of sport. 

It is a consistent principle of this postgraduate study course to promote the connection and mutual reflexion between the basic subjects of sports science and the selected sports discipline or specialization.