The ITK Ambassadors

The idea of establishing a global alumni network was also central to the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the ITK Coaching Course. The very first ITK Ambassador meeting was held at the Sports Science Faculty on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the ITK in 2014. Alumni from four regions of the world participated in a special seminar for ITK Ambassador and together with the GBIB they set up a concept for their future work as ITK Ambassadors.

Since then, they have acted as ITK multipliers and as a contact person for the Sports Science Faculty of Leipzig University in their home countries.

The ITK Ambassadors

  • establish regional networks,
  • pass on information on the ITK and the Sports Science Faculty of Leipzig University,
  • organize regional alumni meetings,
  • found regional ITK alumni clubs,
  • and contribute to international publications.

The Ambassadors

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Dr. Ali Salman Abu Dari
ITK 2010/11 - Conditioning Coach 

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Dr. Hayder Subhi Alawsi
ITK 2016 - Sports Management

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Innocent Asiimwe
ITK 2015/16 - Sports Management

“My name is Innocent Asiimwe, ITK Alumni of the Sports Management Course, 2015. I am currently a university lecturer (Kyambogo University), grassroots sports expert (Uganda Athletics Federation) and Sports for Development consultant (United Nations Children’s Fund) in Uganda. ITK was to me a ‘second home’ and a ‘window to opportunities’

The study environment at ITK was great with first class study facilities; the cultural diversity was unequalled, allowing for experiential learning by students from all around the globe; the programme structure was more practical, thus enabling me to expand my knowledge through class excursions and organizing sports events.

ITK helped me build a professional network and further increased my competence in managing sport projects and events which are requisites in my current Sport development work.

ITK continues to contribute to the field of global sports through the courses they offer every year. A number of alumni from the institution can help to keep the ITK spirits alight through networking in order to better represent ITK abroad especially through participation at mega global sporting events .

Coaches should apply to the ITK for study so that they can improve their competences in coaching and managing sports to better the state of sport in their countries and in the world. Most important is the brand that ITK has built, which is well known for producing experts in global sports that every coach wants to associate with. No coach will ever regret their decision to study at ITK, the memories are enduring.”

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Anabel Patricia Barahona Abril
ITK 2016/17 - Basketball

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Kamal Benhabiles
ITK 2000 - Sports for the Disabled

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Gaspard Bidias Bondoma
ITK 2009 - Football

Martín Bugari
ITK 2011 - Women's football

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Supaporn Chutosri
ITK 2016 - Sports Management

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Andrew Edwards
ITK 2014 - Football

“As Head Coach of the Jamaican U 17 Men Football team there is absolutely no doubt that much of the successes we have managed thus far is largely due to the knowledge and experiences gained from the ITK Football course. ITK offers the most comprehensive coach education experience I have had in my almost 20 years as a coach. Those five months in Germany have left an indelible impression on me of a magnanimous country and it's endearing people. For all coaches with an ambition of becoming a ‘Global Expert in Sports’ the ITK experience is a must have.”

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Dr. Mario Bernardo García Rosero
ITK 2002/03 - Volleyball

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Ana Cristina Gómez Ferreira
ITK 2017/18 - Sports Management

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Xénia Guadalupe
El Salvador
ITK 2007/08 - Handball

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Khaled M. A. Khamis
ITK 2011/12 - Basketball

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Victoria Katukula
ITK 2015/16 - Sports Management

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N'Dri Sosthène Kouadio
Côte D'Ivoire
ITK 2013/14 - Conditioning coach


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Yevgeniy Krassikov
ITK 2016 - Sports Management

Cleberson Lopes Yamada 
ITK 2005 - Track and Field

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Gersón Josué Urias Madrid
ITK 2014 - Conditioning Coach

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René Franck H. Maganga Maganga
ITK 2012 - Volleyball

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Philip Marin
ITK 2014 - Football


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Vladimyr Mathieu
ITK 2011/12 - Table Tennis

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Bryan Mora Flores
Costa Rica
ITK 2016 - Football

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Pedro Danilo Ponciano Núñez
ITK 2017 - Basketball

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Mohamed Sabry M. Mahmoud
ITK 2012/13 - Swimming

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Dinesh Chandra Nakarmi
ITK 2006/07 - Basketball

“The experience gained at the International Coaching Course (ITK) has been of tremendous benefit to me as it has provided the opportunity for coaches like me from developing countries to establish contacts with international sport professionals, various sports federations and global sports institutions. There was so much to learn and the quality time spent with global experts has helped widen my perspective on sports science and training methodology.

I would highly recommend coaches from all over the world to apply for these excellent courses because I believe one would be greatly enriched from the diverse training program at ITK. This is of high significance and of great potential not only for worldwide networking but also for the exchange of discussion, on-going projects, and work with the ITK alumni.

ITK offers the best facilities and conditions for learning, sharing and promoting sports science. The mix of both theoretical and practical lessons during the training program has improved my knowledge and has helped me to better support my national basketball teams in Nepal.”

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John Peter Ndacyayisenga
ITK 2012 - Track and Field

"ITK helps to create perspectives for people and international sports by the content of the program and it’s experienced professors with the most advanced experiment equipment using many advanced methods of teaching. That’s what I personally experienced there and that is why I call upon many sports scientist and coaches to apply for having such a high-class experience and solidify their intense interest in sports in the unique and beautiful city of Leipzig."

Aida Niang
ITK 2014/15 - Basketball

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Israel Olusegun Adeoye
ITK 2013/14 - Basketball

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Suyapa Padilla Lanza
ITK 2012 - Sports for the Disabled

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Olimpia Puerto Moctezuma 
ITK 2004/05 - Sports psychologie

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Uma Kant Singh
ITK 2013/14 - Basketball

“The most important thing which I like in ITK is their way to make the concept simple and easier. ITK helped me in achieving a great success in my professional life. I personally want to recommend coaches to apply for ITK and learn the scientific way of coaching in order to achieve success.”


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Gabriel Antonio Valdes Rivera
ITK 2012/13 - Basketball

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Naoual Zaâraoui
ITK 2014 - Track and Field

ITK Senior Ambassador

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Dr. Alexandre Velly Nunes
ITK 1998 - Judo



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Jimena Rojas Cordero
Costa Rica
ITK 2011 - Football

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Leandro Olvech
ITK 2003 - Sport for the disabled

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Dr. Rene J. Romero Esquivel
DHfK 1974/76 (Magister), 1981/84 (PhD)