Admission Requirements

 1. The 5-month postgraduate study courses are open to applicants with permanent residence in a developing country in Africa, Asia, Europe or Latin America included in the DAC list of ODA Recipients.

2. Educational requirements

Participation is open to male and female applicants who have already successfully completed a full course of university education in the field of physical education or sport or who can prove adequate qualifications.

  1. Professional experience

In order to be accepted for one of our postgraduate courses proof of the applicant’s professional activities is required, e.g. as a physical education teacher, coach in the selected sports discipline, sports advisor, sports coordinator or the like.

4. Experience as an athlete

All applicants should have made own experiences as active athletes in the respective discipline or specialization (not applicable for the course Handicap sports).

5. Language proficiency

All applicants have to prove good oral and written skilllsof the language of the selected course, unless it is an official language of their home country, or of the German language.

6. Medical fitness

Applications have to be rejected if the applicant suffers from a disease that can present a significant risk for the health of other participants or that might seriously undermine the studies. A medical form has to be filled in and included in the application in order to assess the physical fitness of all applicants.

7. Age

Applicants must not be over 40 years of age.

8. Applications have to be rejected if the applicant does not fulfill the admission qualifications as stated in 1-5 or if the dossier is not complete (with all required documents) or if the application has not been submitted until the application deadline.

9. In consultation with the Foreign Office, already accepted applicants may still be excluded from the course if it is proven that they included false information in their application dossier. In this case the participant concerned has to return to his or her home country immediately.