Courses are sponsored by the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany. Every participant receives a monthly allowance.

Application for our courses is open to male and female coaches and physical education teachers from developing countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America included in the DAC list of ODA Recipients.

Based on the subsistence minimum as defined in § 2 (3) of the German Residence Act, participants receive a monthly allowance to cover their daily expenses and part of the monthly costs for accommodation, health and accident insurance, study fees as well as a public transport ticket.

Health insurances taken out in the participant’s home country will not be recognized in Germany.  

Participants’ own contribution 

  • The costs for travelling to Leipzig and back to the country of origin as well as the costs for transportation of luggage have to be covered by the participants or by their native countries. This also includes health and accident insurance for the time before and after the official duration of the course.
  • Participants have to bear the costs for the required medical examination in their home country.
  • Participants are responsible for appropriate sports clothes and their personal equipment required for practical training sessions.
  • Participants preparing for a course scheduled for the winter months (November to February) are advised to bring appropriate warm clothing as temperatures can drop below 0°C.