ITK Leipzig - Who are we?

The International Coaching Course is a postgraduate study course, implemented twice a year by the Sports Science Faculty of Leipzig University. It aims at physical education teachers and coaches from developing countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe as defined by the DAC list of ODA recipients.

Our program currently includes the following sports or specializations:

Football­­ — Handball — Basketball — Volleyball — Track and Field — Swimming — Table Tennis

Conditioning coach — Handicap sports

All classes of a course are translated into the following languages:

  • Arabic
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish

The International Coaching Course (ITK) is part of the foreign cultural and educational policy of the Federal Republic of Germany. The German Foreign Office has been funding ITK since 1991, still its history traces back to 1964. Since that time, way more than 5500 coaches and physical education teachers from 150 countries have participated in our courses.

The study course in brief


  • 5 months (respectively from March to July or September to January of the following year)


  • in Leipzig ­– at the Sports Science Faculty of Leipzig University


  • permanent residence in a country according to the DAC list of ODA recipients
  • not older than 40 years of age
  • successfully completed degree (university education) in the fields of sports
  • experience in sports: competitive sports, training, teaching
  • good physical and mental eligibility


  • Theory and Practice in the chosen type of sport or specialization
  • General Exercise and Training Science
  • Sports medicine
  • Sports didactics
  • Introduction to strength training
  • Sports management
  • German language


  • Certificate of Leipzig University
  • Certificate of the respective sports association

What we stand for

  • Educational ideal: Life-long learning 
  • Fairness, tolerance and openness
  • International and intercultural exchange


What do the ITK offer?

Classes and overall support in the participants' mother tongue is proven to be the most effective form of communication for studying sports science and also for interpersonal relationships.

Studying without any financial concerns thanks to the generous grant offered by the German Foreign Office.

Within a relatively short time of 5 months, participants receive profound education and training and can thus promote sports in their home countries very soon.

Graduates from Leipzig are highly flexible: They are capable of training athletes from beginner's to high-performance level and can work in various fields of sport.

Courses in Leipzig have the objective of capacity building and enable graduates to act as multipliers of professional knowledge for other coaches and instructors in their home countries.

What are our classes like?

Basically, there are always "two teachers": our German-speaking lecturer and a competent and experienced interpreter for the language of the course. The interpreter will provide oral translation of all lectures, also of methodical explanations during practice classes and written translations of the teaching material.

Special excursions to national and international competitions of the discipline are also part of our courses and will be evaluated afterwards in classes.

At the end of every course participants, who have successfully passed all exams, will receive a certificate of Leipzig University. Particularly good performances will be rewarded with a recommendation letter for a coaching license, issued by the German Sports Federation for the Sports Federation in the participant's home country. 

Outside classes

For the duration of the course various sporting and cultural activities will be offered to all ITK participants, e.g. an international sports festival and - in the winter term - a Christmas party together with all current ITK participants. 

Of course our students may also join activities offered by Leipzig University and by the city of Leipzig and make the most out of their stay in Germany.

For further information please visit About the studies.