History of the International Coaching Course

The city of Leipzig has a long-standing tradition of sports science. Already in 1925, the first German "Institute of Physical Education" was founded. During the 1950s, first foreign students enrolled at the new German University of Physical Culture (DHfK). In the light of the political situation in the early 1960s, exchange of sports science competences started.

In April 1964 the first International Coaching Course started at the DHfK with 28 participants from African and Asian countries. Courses were conducted until the political turn in the German Democratic Republic (GDR); every course had a duration of 9 months.

In 1991 the DHfK was dissolved and the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany started to promote the International Coaching Courses, now organized by the new Sports Science Faculty of Leipzig University. Based on a resolution of the German Parliament, the courses were included in the program of foreign cultural relations and education policy of the Foreign Office. The course became a successful tool of international sports promotion with good reputation from all over the world.

After some innovations, courses now have a duration of five months and take place twice a year. The participants are physical education teachers and coaches from developing and emerging countries included in the DAC list of OECD.

Since 1964, more than 5,000 people from 150 countries attended the International Coaching Course.


Notable alumni:

Dr. Hassan Moustafa (Egypt) – since 2000 President of the International Handball Federation

Sam Ramsamy (South Africa) – since 1998 Member of the International Olympic Committee


Directors of the International Coaching Course

1964 to 1990        Dr. Lothar Kalb

1990 to 1992        Heinz Prescher  

1992 to 2011        Dr. Axel Feldmann

since 2011            Daniel Eckert-Lindhammer

1. International Coaching Course 1964
1. International Coaching Course 1964